GMAC Membership Benefits

Why become a member?

By purchasing a membership from the General Motors Astronomy Club, your support will ensure the success of future events and give you access to the following member benefits:

    • Member Gift Package – includes membership card, lanyard, notebook, stickers, and more!
    • FREE Equipment rental – 4.5″ Reflector Telescope, binoculars, and more to come…
    • Member discounts on fundraising items, such as T-shirts, hats, etc.
    • Access to members-only outings, such as observatory tours, camping trips, etc.
    • Free Classified Ads (telescope for sale, etc) on our website
    • You become a voting member of the club, your ideas could become future events!
    • Family members living in the same household become associate members, with all the same benefits (except voting and the gift package).

How much does it cost?

The price of Membership for the 2019 calendar year is only $20.  Membership expires December 31st.

New or returning members purchasing after September 1st will receive a membership card for the upcoming year, which is also valid for the current year.

Renewing members may use their discount code to receive 20% off their renewal, but they will not receive a new gift package.

What will my money be used for?

The General Motors Astronomy club is dedicated to community outreach and youth education and of course, to our members (you)!   As such, the money from membership sales and fundraising efforts will be used under the following general plan:

  • 25% toward the membership package
  • 50% toward the monthly operating expenses of the club
  • 25% toward charitable donations or saved toward club projects, as decided by member vote.

Trying to Renew?

Visit our How to Renew Your Membership page for detailed instructions.

Not interested in membership?

No problem.  Even if membership is not for you, you can still attend most of our club events and share the night sky with us!  If you would like to make a donation to the club, you can do so by clicking the Paypal link below:

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